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Troops to be deployed along Juba-Bor highway

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The South Sudanese Interior Minister says an emergency security meeting chaired by President Salva Kiir has resolved to deploy soldiers along the Juba-Bor Road after nine people were killed there by unknown gunmen.The incident happened on Wednesday near Kubri Mohandisiin, about 8 kilometers from the capital, Juba.

The victims, mainly traders, were traveling from Mogiri to Juba when they were attacked.

In a media briefing on Friday, Interior Minister, Michael Chiangjiek said the forces will beef up security to ensure the flow of goods from Juba to Bor.

“One of the resolutions that we made was immediate deployment of the forces namely the army, the police and the national security to the site so that they enhance the security of the road and at least ease the flow of the goods from Juba to Bor and from Juba to Buma State,” said Chiengjiek.

“We strongly condemn that incident in the strongest term,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Jonglei State, Philip Aguer, said the road needs to be secured to enable displaced people to return to their homes.

“We wanted the road between Juba and Bor to serve because that is the lifeline for our returnees that are coming back from the refugees and displaced camps” Aguer said.

The security meeting chaired by President Kiir on Thursday was called a day after the gunmen struck along the Juba-Bor road.

In May, more than 30 people were killed on the same road by a group of unidentified gunmen.

The incident led to the closure of the highway.

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