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Truck transporting Afcon precast material tumbles in Yaounde

A cargo truck carrying precast material tumbled in Yaounde on Monday morning (c)All rights reserved

A cargo truck carrying precast material, heading to the Olembe stadium under construction tumbled early on Sunday night in Yaoundé, sources have confirmed.

The truck tumbled around at the Nlongkak roundabout as it was heading to the construction site. This caused serious traffic around the area on Monday morning before heavy machines rushed to the scene to clear the cargo as well as the truck.

The truck immaticulated SUTR190AA tumbled around 11pm, crushing an electricity pole with the driver sustaining severe injuries before being transported to the Yaounde Central hospital.

According to a security source who was on the scene when the accident occured, the cargo weighed on one side of the truck causing it to lose balance before tumbling and blocking part of the road.

This made traffic difficult around the Nlongkak roudabout from 11pm on Sunday to about midday on Monday after a crane belonging to the Italian firm Piccini in charge of constructing the Olembe stadium arrived at the scene to begin clearing the cargo.

The rescue team spent the day attempting to ferry the cargo straight to the Olembe stadium where construction work has been ongoing ahead of another inspection mission from the Confederation of African Football and the Roland Berger auditing firm in the day ahead.

The Caf team is set to visit all the pitches under construction across the nation as well as the various hotels and infrastructure to host the tournament next years.


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