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Cameroon: Two killed on election day in Bamenda

At least two persons are reported to have been killed in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon on Sunday morning as voters go to the pool to elect a new President.

Security sources confirm two armed men were shot around Hospital Roundabout and Commercial Avenue neighbourhoods in Bamenda at 6.30am.

Residents in Bamenda confirm heavy gunshots between security forces and armed men in parts of the city which has forced many persons to remain indoors.

A resident around Sona Street in Bamenda confirmed to journalducameroun.com that they were all indoors for fear of the unknown and would not risk their lives out to go and vote.

Security is at its peak around the town with security forces stationed all over strategic areas of the city. However, voting is taking place effectively at Up Station, an administrative quarter inBamenda where the Prime Minister Philemon Yang has voted.

About 6 million voters nationwide are expected tpo cas their votes to elect a new President as incumbent Paul Biya seeks a seventh straight term in office against seven other candidates.

Published on 28.04.2020

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