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U.S wants to be honest broker in Cameroon crisis

The United States ambassador to Yaounde, Peter Henry Barlerin, on Friday, expressed his country’s willingness to help find a solution to the crisis that has been rocking Cameroon’s Anglophone provinces.“I offered our assistance to help resolve the problems in the English-speaking areas, but I also stressed that the United States would like Cameroon to remain stable” he said after emerging from a meeting with External Relations minister, Lejeune Mbella-Mbella.

In view of the current state of armed violence between Cameroon’s army and separatists, the US diplomat said his country could help provided both sides would approve of its wish to intervene as a peace mediator.

However, given that conditions for talks are not yet in place, Barlerin said such an intervention as an honest broker is not in sight.

“It’s just that we have a lot of experience in this field. If the need arises, we can help,” the American diplomat reiterated.

As the security situation in Cameroon unfolds, the US, like countries such as France and Great Britain has advised its citizens to avoid the volatile regions over fears of murder or abduction.

Meanwhile, the situation for civilians remains dangerous as they are caught between the army and the separatists.

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