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Ukrain War: Melitopol Resist Russian Invasion

armed russian soldier
armed russian soldier

Russian forces met fierce resistance from residents when they arrived in the southern Ukrainian city of Melitopol in February.
Locals tried to block armoured vehicles as the convoy of soldiers rolled in to occupy the city, and people flooded the streets waving Ukrainian flags.


BBC reports that when the Russians started cracking down on the protesters, the resistance movement was forced to evolve and new groups emerged.
Melitopol, according to the US-based Institute for the Study of War, is an area where partisan warfare has been active since at least the middle of March.

Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Directorate has reported that from 20 March to 12 April “partisans eliminated 70 Russian soldiers during their night patrol“.

These groups are continuing to carry out attacks.

Last Wednesday a Russian armoured train was reportedly derailed. Days earlier, two Russian soldiers were found dead in the street. Last month a bridge near Melitopol – used to deliver supplies to the Russian army – was blown up.

Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of Melitopol, says these attacks were organised by partisan groups. “It’s the job of our partisans, our secret services and our soldiers. They do this job together,” as reported by BBC.

Mr Fedorov himself was abducted by Russian forces and later released as part of a prisoner exchange.
The Russians are desperately trying to crush all resistance. They are searching houses and detaining people, residents say, often at random.
On 29 April, armed men in military uniform with white armbands – the marking used by Russian soldiers – abducted Boris Kleshev, the head of a local fire brigade in Melitopol.

For two weeks his relatives heard nothing about his whereabouts. A few days ago, a pro-Russian Telegram channel posted a video showing Mr Kleshev and other Ukrainian men admitting that they were sharing information on Russian movements with the Ukrainian military.

Reported by BBC

Published on 30.06.2022

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