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UN-affiliated NGO gives Biya ultimatum to quit power

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The organisation is also offering President Biya a chance to live in Mali on self exile

The c (CRED) has asked President Paul Biya to quit power. The Geneva-based organisation wrote to President Biya through Anatole Fabien Nkou, Cameroon’s Ambassador to Switzerland. The NGO gave the president a 110-day ultimatum to leave Cameroon. It offered the president a chance to either live as a refugee in Mali or stay in Cameroon at his own risk.

In what sounded like a threat, CRED said it is the third and last time it is asking 84-year old President Biya to leave power peacefully. Biya has been in power for more than 34 years.

Hilaire Bell, President   of the association, attached a protest schedule in the letter. The schedule falls under its ‘National Anti-discrimination Program’, which will be implemented from September 11 to September 29, 2017, in front of the Cameroon Embassy in Geneva, Switzerland.

CRED is an international research organisation made up of a multidisciplinary research team. It works focus on life-threatening questions of law and international relations. It is a UN affiliated institution which is said to have special consultative status granted by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, ECOSOC.



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