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UN human rights head in Cameroon amidst violations in Anglophone regions

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet is in Cameroon for a four-day working visit  with the country’s authorities.

Mme Bachelet who arrived Cameroon on May 1 has been received by the Prime Minister, Head of Government Philemon Yang.

During her stay in Cameroon, she will meet with civil society actors, members of government, political actors as well as the media.

The crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon is expected to be top of her agenda in discussions with the various actors as serious concerns of human rights violations continue to be raised in that part of the country.

Pressure has been mounting on the government of Cameroon to permit investigators access the Anglophone regions and investigate allegations of human rights violations.

The call was even louder during the last council session of the the UN Human Rights Commission held in Geneva and it is in that light that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is coming to Cameroon.



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