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UN official calls for investigations into ‘Cameroon killings’

The United Nations special adviser on prevention of genocide has called for an investigation to be immediately opened into the wave of killings in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

The adviser Adama Dieng has urged both sides involved in the conflict to sit around a table for urgent dialogue as he described the atrocities as “concerning”.

“The crimes committed by both parties need to be properly and independently investigated and perpetrators of those crimes need to be brought urgently to justice so that people know that no-one is above the law – that all Cameroonians are equal,” he told the BBC’s Emmanuel Igunza.

“My worry is that we still have many people being killed, so far more than 400 people. We have seen atrocious crimes being committed. We need to have political dialogue but also demand for justice,” he said.

Cameroon goes to the polls on October 7 to elect a new President amidst insecurity in the North West and South West regions but Mr. Dieng hopes for a free and fair polls.

“It is true that one could not exclude some form of violence [around the polls] but for the time being things seem to be under control,” Mr Dieng said.


Published on 28.04.2020

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