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UN security Council urged to take action over rights violation in Cameroon

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The United Nations Security Council has been urged to take action against alleged human rights violations reported in Cameroon for the past months.

In a report published on Tuesday March 12, the Human Rights Watch group said it was alarmed at the grievous acts committed againts civilians in Cameroon since the crisis escalated and urged the UN Security Council to take action after staying mute for long.

The rights group said the government of Cameroon had used excessive force since the crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon escalated with soldiers arbitrarily arresting, torturing civilians as well as extra judicial killings.

All these rights violation that have been going on for over two years now have attracted less attention from the UN Security Council and Human Rights Watch has now tasked the body to uphold its credibility by giving the situation in Cameroon the attention it deserves.

The Government of Cameroon has on several occasions denied reports of human rights violation though saying it will investigate and prosecute any member of the country’s defence and security forces suspected of such crimes.

Other countries featuring on the Human Rights Watch report are Bahrain, Egypt, Philippines and Turkey.

Published on 28.04.2020

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