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UN urges Cameroon to effectively fight against circulation of illegal weapons

The United Nations Assistant Director in charge of disarmament, Ivor Richard Fung was received in audience on March 21 by Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute with exchanges focusing on the respect by Cameroon of the Yaounde Declaration on the control of the circulation of light weapons in Africa.

According to sources, 10 million light weapons circulate in the Central African sub-region.

The desire to control the movement of these illicit weapons that cause violence, instability and socio-political destabilisation, let to the first conference of the Kinshasa convention in 2017, where Cameroon was designated to lead other African member States.

Cameroon since then, has been called upon to manage, lead and organise any conference that could have a link with illicit weapons.

As such, Dr Ivor Richard Fung and his host discussed on ways Cameroon could effectively carry out her mission of controlling the movement of small and light weapons in the sub-region.

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