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UN warns Cameroon on forced return of Nigerian refugees

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The United Nations, UN, has warn Cameroon on it’s continuous forced return of hundreds of refugees.

UN on Thursday June 29 said, Cameroon authorities forced nearly 900 refugees back to northern Nigeria against their will this week, despite the recent signing of the tripartite agreement aimed at, among other things, ensuring the voluntary nature of returns. The governments of Nigeria and Cameroon had signed a tripartite agreement with UNHCR in Yaounde on March 2 to facilitate the voluntary return of Nigerian refugees when conditions were conducive.

While acknowledging the generosity of the Government of Cameroon and local communities who host over 85,000 Nigerian refugees, the UN calls on the Government of Cameroon to honour to its obligations under international and regional refugee protection instruments, as well as Cameroonian law.

Meanwhile, Cameroonian government has repeatedly denied force had been used to send refugees home and said repatriation had taken place with the refugees’ consent.

“There was no forced repatriation of 887 Nigerian refugees from Banki to Borno State in Nigeria. It happened with their consent,” said Cameroon’s government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary. “Cameroon respects the law and its international commitments.”


Published on 28.04.2020

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