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Upturn Announced in Cameroonian Livestock Sector


Despite the high cost of inputs due to the unfavorable international situation, and the epizootic diseases that threaten the country, livestock activities in Cameroon will improve between July and September 2022.

This prediction is contained in the forecast test of the CEMAC countries’ economic situation for the 3rd quarter of 2022.

The outlook for livestock production in the third quarter of 2022 is good and could cover local demand. However, selling prices would increase, due to the high cost of food (wheat, soybeans),” said the test, which the central bank (Beac) presents as a quarterly document of a forward-looking nature, based on surveys conducted among business leaders, government officials and other key players in the various industries and sectors of the CEMAC.

The good performance of activities projected in the livestock sector in Cameroon between July and September 2022 can be explained by the fallout from the third phase of the mass vaccination campaign for small ruminants, which the government launched at the end of 2021.

Supported by the World Bank (which finances the Livestock Development Project) and the FAO, the operation aims to “preserve a capital of 110 billion CFA francs”, as well as the incomes of livestock farmers, who will thus be able to contribute to guaranteeing food security in the country, according to the Minister of Livestock, Dr Taiga, at the launch of the campaign in Sangmélima, in the southern region.

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