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US cautions citizens on arrests in Cameroon’s capital

Sideview of Cameroon's capital city, yaounde ©All rights reserved

The United States has cautioned its citizens living in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde to take propers security measures when moving around to avoid being arrested.

In a message published by the Embassy of the United States in Cameroon, the US says it is aware of arrests currently going on in Yaounde for yet to be identified reasons.

“U.S. Embassy Yaoundé informs U.S. citizens that it is aware of a series of arrests throughout Yaounde today for as yet unknown cause and advises all U.S. citizen to carry proper identification at all times and to exercise extreme caution if moving around the city,” the US Embassy in Yaounde said.

Last week, authorities in Cameroon’s capital warned of a possible presence of separatist fighters in Yaounde with the arrival of several internally displaced persons from the conflict-strcken Anglophone regions.

Reports say, security forces have carried out severalo raids and arrested persons in suspected neighbourhoods but no official reasons have yet been given for the arrests.

The US Embassy on its parts has cautioned its citizens to carry proper identification papers when moving along the streets of Yaounde as well as respect various security measures.


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