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US citizens warned to steer clear of Anglophone regions

The US mission in Cameroon has restricted movement of its citizens to the North West and South West regions of the country due to security concerns in these areas.

The restriction has been placed until March 7.

According to the US embassy in Cameroon, « the security environment in Cameroon is fluid and can deteriorate without warning. »

Thus it warned its citizens to take special safety measures such as « avoiding large gatherings and demonstrations, monitor local news stations; and follow the instructions of local authorities. »

Fightings between armed separatists and security forces in the past weeks in the two English speaking regions have led to over a several deaths on both sides.

A student gendarme, Demgoue Jean Claude was killed on Sunday in Nguti while another gendarme was stabbed to death in Kumba last Thursday morning.

This follows the killing of three other security forces in Belo and Bamenda in two separate incidents two weeks ago while several citizens are reported to have died from the ensuing military crackdown.

This has prompted local authorities to impose a curfew on the regions as a means to track down the separatists who have infiltrated the local population.


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