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US condemns beheading of Cameroon soldiers in restive Anglophone regions

Gendarme officer Adam Assana was beheaded in Muyuka

The United States has condemned the dismemberment, and beheading of a gendarme in Muyuka, South West region of Cameroon as well the reported beheading of a soldier in Bamenda, Northwest Region.

Gendarme officer Adam Assana was beheaded on Tuesday night by suspected armed separatists in Muyuka with parts of his body found on the streets on Wednesday.

This was immediately followed on Thursday by the beheading of another person suspected of being a soldier in Bamenda with the head dropped around the Hospital roundabout neighbourhood.

The US Embassy in Cameroon condemned these killings and called for investigations to be opened to identify the perpetrators of the acts and give them a fair trial

“We call on anyone with information that could help to identify the perpetrators of these acts to assist lawful authorities and to support a fair and transparent investigation and trial.  We urge restraint by police and security forces.  Retaliation against these provocations would endanger the civil populace, and will only feed a cycle of violence,”the US Embassy aid in a statement.

“The violence must stop.  Now more than ever, we call on both sides to enter into a broad-based dialogue without preconditions.”

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