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US Congressman calls on respect of Anglophone rights

A member of the United States’ Congress has urged his country to force the Government of Cameroon to engage in constructive dialogue to solve the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

In a letter to the Departement of State, member of Congress Joseph P. Kennedy expressed deep concerns over the « reported deteriorating conditions » of persons in Camerons in Cameroon.

« I call on you Secretary of State to urge the Government of Cameroon to respect the rights of Anglophones and all the country’s citizens, consistent with its international obligations and to help facilitate dialogue in an effort to secure a peaceful resolution to this conflic, » the Congressman said in a letter addressd the US Secretary of State.

The congressman also raised concerns on the mass influx of refugees into Nigeria as a result of military actions in the two English-speaking regions while also questioning the extradition of Julius Ayuk Tabe and co in Cameroon last month.

There have been numerous calls for a frank and genuine dialogue in resolving the Anglophone crisis which has morphed into a violent stage with reported deaths of citizens and civilians almost on a daily basis.

The Embassy of the United States in Cameroon last week warned its citizens to refrain from travelling to the Anglophone regions due to the violence.

A dusk to dawn curfew has been imposed in vast parts of the two English-speaking regions in Cameroon with a heavy presence of soldiers in town.

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