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US express concern over human rights in Sudan

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The United States remains very concerned about Sudan’s human rights record, including the continued closing of political space, and restrictions on religious freedom, freedom of expression, including press freedom, U.S Embassy in Khartoum said in a statement issued on Friday.The statement comes as American president Donald Trump is scheduled to take a decision on 12 July on whether to lift or maintain the American sanctions on Sudan, imposed 20 years ago over the country’s human rights records , in additional to sponsoring international terrorism.

“We continue to monitor the Government of Sudan’s progress in the five key areas noted in Executive Order 13761 to determine if it has met the order’s requirements for the lifting of certain sanctions in July 2017”, said the statement.

“In this process we have pressed to ensure Sudan has adhered to its unilateral cessation of hostilities in conflict areas and ceased all indiscriminate aerial bombardment, a key human rights concern. While we have worked for progress in the five areas, we have also engaged intensively on human rights concerns”, said the statement.

The U.S said it has raised at all levels it’s concerns regarding jailed activists, newspaper confiscations, church demolitions, constricted political space, and restrictions on personal and religious freedoom saying ” we want to see stronger progress in these areas by the Sudanese government.

“The United States remains committed to the Sudanese people and to continued policy engagement with the Government of Sudan, and the opposition, to realize peace and further the protection of human rights in Sudan”. The statement concluded.

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