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US to cut security aid to Cammeroon over alleged rights violation

(file) US troops and Cameroon special forces in military drill

The United States of America will cut security aid to Cameroon due to allegations of human rights violations in the West African nation, the country’s officials have told CNN.

The US is set to “terminate” $17 million in security aid, including funds for radars, four defender-class patrol boats, nine armored vehicles, training programs for C-130 airplanes and helicopters, US official said according to CNN.

The US will equaally withdraw  an offer for Cameroon to be a candidate for the Stakte Partnership Program as well as a planned US funded upgrade to a Cessna aircraft belonging to Cameroon’s elite Rapid Intervention Battalion, CNN reported

This actions from the US follows accusations from the country’s Ambassador Peter Henry Balerin who acccused Cameroon security forces nof carrying out targeted killings, arbitrary detentions as well as burning villages and looting property

He nalso accused separatist fighters of killing gendarmes as well as kidnapping government officials and burning schools in the restive Anglophone regions

Continuous reports of alleged human rights violation by Cameroon security forces in the North West, South West and Far North regions have now forced the US to suspend its military aid to Cameroon.

“We have informed the Cameroonian government that lack of progress and clarity about actions undertaken by the government in response to credible allegations of gross violations of human rights could result in a broader suspension of US assistance,” the State Department official told CNN, adding that the US has “been assured by the government of Cameroon at the highest levels that US security assistance will not be diverted from other than its intended purpose.”

Full report on CNN

Published on 10.02.2021

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