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US urges Swaziland to review terrorism law as precondition for AGOA readmission

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The United States has asked Swaziland to redefine ‘Terrorism Act’ before it could be reconsidered for the African Growth Opportunity Agreement (AGOA).This was stated by Prime Minister Banarbas Dlamini when giving feedback to Senate Portfolio Committee in Parliament during the debate of the Suppression of Terrorism Amendment Bill No. 10 of 2010 on Wednesday.

The premier said during the discussion of the bill with the Americans and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) it transpired that the initial definition needed to be reviewed.

“We requested the Attorney General to come up with a new definition after the Americans expressed dissatisfaction about the definition. While we were concerned with national interest, the Americans differed as they felt that the tern ‘national interest’ was very broad,” he said.

The head of government circulated a document that proposes the new definition to be ‘act of terrorism’ where it was said that the new definition will ensure that the provision is not unduly stretched to cover activities which are not otherwise terrorist acts.

Senate President Ngoma Gamedze cautioned senators that it was okay to agree on certain things but there was a need to not create an impression that they were only just stamping what had already been decided by the Americans.

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