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USA Supports Mali in its Quest for Responsive Governance

USA shows support to Mali

As Mali celebrates its bank holidays on September  22nd 2022, the United States has taken the opportunity to wish the country a happy Independence Day, a US State Department statement said.



On behalf of the United States of America, I congratulate the people of Mali on the 62nd anniversary of your independence,” the US State Department said in a note on its website. “The United States will continue to partner with the Malian people in their aspirations for democracy, security, development, and human rights,” the note continued.

We support the Malian people in their quest for responsive governance and pledge to help achieve this goal throughout this transition period as they move towards elections in March 2024,” the US State Department added.

On this occasion, we celebrate the many years of partnership with the Malian people based on collaboration and mutual respect,” the note concluded.

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