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Video of executions in Cameroon: Gov’t urged to investigate, make findings public

The Government of Cameroon has been urged to investigate thoroughly and transparently a recent video depicting men wearing military-style uniforms executing two women and two children, one an infant.

In Press statement dated July 16,Heather Nauert, US Department Spokesperson, said United States is gravely concerned over the events depicted in the video and exhorts the government to make its findings public, and if Cameroonian military personnel were involved in this atrocity, hold them accountable.

It would be recalled that most International media, Amnesty International, and Cameroonian human rights organizations have all attribute the actions portrayed in the video to the Cameroonian military.

The US statement also notes that all countries, including Cameroon, must uphold their international and national commitments and obligations to protect the human rights of their residents and promote accountability.‎

Published on 28.04.2020

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