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Violence in CAR: Thousands trek to seek refuge in Cameroon

CAR refugees (c) copyright UNHCR

Close to five thousand Central Africans are said to have trekked from their violence-hit country to seek refuge in neighbouring Cameroon recently.

A resurgence of violence in neighbouring Central African Republic, CAR has been giving sleepless nights to many Central Africans who have been forced to cross over to Cameroon and other neighbouring countries for safety.

According to a report published by the UN Refugee Agency Tuesday January 19, about five thousand Central African farmers, civil servants and merchants have trekked through the bush to avoid the road and armed rebels to get to Garoua Boulai, Cameroonian border town with CAR.

Some of these refugees were forced to trek because of absence of bush taxis.

“From 19 December we began to see taxis fleeing Gallo (40 kilometres away), who told us that the rebels were on their way to Baboua. We left on 21 December on foot with the children,” she says. “We had to walk because there were no more bush cabs. We walked, walked, walked to Garoua-Boulaï.” Gnindou Melina, a newly arrived refugee to Garoua Boulai told UNHCR office in Meiganga.

She and the other refugees are been catered for at Gado refugee site.

According to Maurice Moussouravi, Head of the UNHCR office in Meiganga which runs the Gado site, the situation for now is manageable.

“With the support of our partners, we can cope with these arrivals and offer shelter, food and care to those who want it…” He said.

“However, if the influx should continue, with the Cameroonian authorities, we will direct the refugees to the best place to be taken care of and above all to be safe.”

“But resources remain limited and we will need all the good will to continue to assist the new arrivals, if the influx should increase,” Moussouravi added.


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