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Violence in Meme, Lebialem forces Biya to appoint new SDOs, DOs

The recent waves of violence in that part of the country have not gone unnoticed as the Head of State of Friday evening signed a decree appointing administrative officials in response.

Thus the Head of State proceeded in appointing Etta Mbokaya Ashu as the new Senior Divisional Officer for the Lebialem, replacing Ugintoh Zachary who has been sent on retirement.

Mr. Ugintoh Zachary is however receiving treatment in a hospital in Yaounde after he was injured in an attack by armed men over two weeks ago.

Etta Mbokaya Ashu was previously the Senior Divisional Officer for Ndian where there have equally been violent incidents in recent weeks. He has been replaced in Ndian by the now former Secretary General of the South West Governor’s Office, Mr. Nwafua Lawrence Forwang.

At the level of Divisional officers, Mr. Hambi Isaac Ekpanekata was appointed as the new Divisional Officer for Alou, replacing Akombo Joseph Neba who has been sent on retirement.

In Fontem, Ewane Jude Mbong was appointed as the new Divisional Officer, replacing Saih Mbessa, who was relieved of his duties. The sacked D.O is said to have escaped to Dschang where he has been pass orders from due to the insecurity in his area.

Before his appointment, Ewane Jude Mbong served as the Divisional Officer for Kumba III and he has now be replaced by Mrs. Epolewane Verklin epse Mbua who was serving as Assistant SDO in Mundemba.

The recent appointments come after waves of violence in Meme, Ndian and Lebialem divisions in recent weeks which forced polling stations in Lebialem to be transferred to Dschang during the Senatorial elections.

Published on 10.02.2021

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