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Visiting French diplomats pledge to support Cameroon seek peace

A group of visiting French diplomats and parliamentarians have pledged to help Cameroon find peace in the troubled Anglophone regions.

The delegation was speaking in Buea last weekend during a courtesy visit to the office of the South West Governor.

Received by the Secretary General at the South West Governor’s Office, the delegation led by Honourable Rodrigue Kokouendo and Honourable Didier Quentin said the visit was mainly to ascertain the socio-political situation in the region.

“‘‘Our visit here is very important, to know what the situation is. I hope and wish that Cameroon stays in peace. We are just here for a friendly visit, the only message I have is that of peace and development,’’ Hon. Rodrigue Kokouendo, Vice President of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Secretary for the French oversees department delegation.

Th expressed satisfaction at the end of the visit and and said they were impress with the gradual return of peace in the region and hoped all forces will work together to ensure the situation improves on a daily basis.

“‘‘We got a lot of information and we hope that Cameroon is on the way to peaceful solutions to solve the problems of these last years. But we are going back to France with very optimistic view of this great friend which is the Republic of Cameroon,” Hon Didier Quentin said.

“We are going to explain the situation to our colleagues because very often we have the feeling that there are a lot of misunderstandings, and fake news about the real situation about Cameroon,’’ he noted.

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