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Volleyball returns as Rwanda eases COVID-19 lockdown

Rwanda’s volleyball championship season is set to resume on Wednesday, almost six months after it was suspended because of an outbreak of Covid-19, sport officials confirmed to APA in Kigali on Tuesday.The Rwanda Volleyball Federation said it is aiming to  complete the championship season with the play-off final effective this week.

The announcement comes a day after the Rwanda government gave the all-clear for domestic competitive sport to return behind closed doors.

Players have been back in training since last month while following social distancing guidelines, it said.

All sporting activities in Rwanda were halted since March 15.

The following are teams selected to compete in the play-off of Rwanda’s volleyball championship:

Men’s Category: Gisagara Volleyball Club, REG Volleyball Club, UTB Volleyball Club, and APR Volleyball Club.

Women’s category: APR Volleyball Club, Rwanda Revenue Volleyball Club, UTB Volleyball Club and KVC.

Published on 28.04.2020

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