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Volleyball World Cup: Cameroon Starts Competition Against Italy

Cameroon's Women volleyball team (c) copyright

The team led by Jean René Akono arrived in the Netherlands on September 20 to take part in the Women’s World Volleyball Championship.

Cameroon wants to go as far as possible in the Women’s World Volleyball Championship. . And it is with a team refresh at almost 70% that the Cameroon team wants to make the green-red-yellow shine.
Against Italy next Saturday, three new players will make their debut with the national team. They thus fill the void left by the former captain Christelle Nana with other players like Stéphanie Fotso, and Laetitia Moma Bassoko.
To ensure a remarkable performance during the tournament which is played in Holland and Slovenia, the lionesses had three months of preparation to sharpen their thrush. Thrushes that the teammate of captain Simone Bikatal will have to take out in a fairly tough chicken.
Cameroon will oppose Italy in the Netherlands, then will come the match against Kenya, later on, that against  Puerto Rico, and finally the last match against Belgium.
Only the first four teams in each group will qualify for the second phase of the Women’s World Volleyball Championship.

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