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Voting against Zuma in parliament is “political” suicide – Minister

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Any ruling African National Congress party lawmakers who vote with the opposition to oust South African President Jacob Zuma in the forthcoming no confidence vote in Parliament will be committing “political suicide,” Police Minister Fikile Mbalula warned on Monday.The firebrand minister was speaking on the sidelines of the ongoing weeklong ANC policy conference taking place in Johannesburg and ending on Wednesday.

Zuma is facing a fifth no confidence motion debate in the House on 8 August, and with the parliament having an ANC majority, the opposition would like to hold a secret ballot to enable ANC Members of Parliament to vote without fear to remove the president from office for his alleged mismanagement of the country.

But Mbalula condemned the secret ballot strategy, and urged fellow ANC MPs to vote with the party as “suicide bombers” do when they die for an ideology — whether it is right or wrong.

Urging all ANC MPs to take the party line in the upcoming vote of no confidence against Zuma, Mbalula said MPs who voted with the opposition Democratic Alliance “on this matter would be dealt with.”

“Members of the ANC have no right to represent their jackets in parliament. They represent the organisation. They are suicide bombers. A suicide bomber dies for an ideology, whether it is right or wrong. He dies for it or she dies for it‚” he said.

Mbalula said the removal of the president had been debated within the ANC and the proposal that Zuma should be removed from his position was defeated. “It is political suicide” to vote otherwise, he warned.

Published on 28.04.2020

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