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When Will Australia Allow International Travel?

Guide for Travelling to Australia admist Covid 19

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many countries close their borders to international tourists for long periods of time, and Australia was one of them. Indeed, Australia closed its borders for a longer time than many other countries around the world.


Traveling to Australia in the next few months and wondering how COVID-19 could impact your stay? Take a look at our article to find out all you need to know before you go.

As the pandemic begins to ease, borders around the world have reopened, including the Australian border. But with this change has come lots of new restrictions which vary depending on where you’re
traveling to in each different country!

Trying to make sense of these restrictions might be off-putting but we can help! If you’re planning a trip to
Australia any time soon, take a look at our article on all the things you need to know about international travel to Australia.

Travel Restrictions And Regulations In Australia

Traveling to Australia requires quite a few different regulations to be met, including newer regulations relating to COVID-19. Below we have summarized the kinds of travel documents you’ll need to enter
Australia as well as restrictions relating to COVID-19.

Travel Documents

International travelers to Australia will need a few different kinds of travel documents to be granted access to the country. These include a valid passport, a visa suitable for your travel arrangements, and a
Digital Passenger Declaration.

There are a few different kinds of visas for Australia and it is very important that you choose a visa suitable for your travel type. Visas will differ depending on what you plan to do in the country, whether
you plan to work, and how long you intend to stay in Australia. Make sure you apply for the right one so that you don’t run into any delays once you land.

To travel to Australia, you will also need to sign a Digital Passenger Declaration. This needs to be signed before you depart for Australia and you will have to fill out details relating to your personal details and vaccination history.

You may also want to take out some form of travel insurance for your trip so that you are covered for any cancellations or if you require any medical care while you’re in Australia.


Travelers to Australia currently do not need to produce a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival in the country, however, if you pass through other countries on your way to Australia, you will need to check whether a negative test result is needed there.

Your Digital Passenger Declaration gives an indication of your vaccination status. For vaccinated travelers who hold a valid passport and visa, travel to Australia is completely open. For unvaccinated travelers, some restrictions are still in place.

Passengers in Airport in times of Covid

If you do not qualify under Australia’s definition of fully vaccinated then you will have to travel to Australia under an exemption. You may also be subjected to quarantine rules, depending on the state that you’re traveling to.

Always check local guidelines when traveling to ensure that you follow all of the rules. You should also stay safe by regularly washing your hands and wearing masks when it is required.

Tips For Traveling Australia
If it’s you’re first time in Australia or your first time back since the pandemic, you’re probably wondering if there are a few things that you should know before going there. We’ve gathered our top tips for traveling to Australia below. Check them out now!

● Australia is huge – People regularly underestimate the size of Australia but it’s actually one of the biggest countries in the world. It’s also pretty sparsely populated. This means you’re going to
have to book flights or get ready to spend a long time in the car when traveling between cities in Australia.
● The Australian weather does actually vary – Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always sunny all the time in Australia. In fact, a number of the cities in Australia experience actual seasons. This
means that while you will always need sunblock, you should pack a variety of clothing to be prepared for all different kinds of weather.
● Not all the spiders are deadly, apparently – Again, it is a myth that all of the wildlife you will encounter in Australia is going to kill.
● The internet can be patchy – If you’re planning on working or you just want to be able to catch up on your favorite Netflix shows while you travel, you’re going to need to be prepared for patchy
internet. You can get some relatively good service in cities, but heading out of the cities can mean going offline completely.
● Follow rules on the beach – Swim between the flags and never put yourself in danger! Beach safety is very important in Australia and to remain safe, you should always follow the rules too.

Final Thoughts
Australia has opened up its international borders recently which means you can travel freely if you’re fully vaccinated. Rules are different for those who are unvaccinated and so you should check the rules before flying.

Published on 05.05.2023

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