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WHO pledges more support in Cameroon’s fight against Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation, WHO has pledged to continue supporting the government of Cameroon in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in Cameroon until it is kicked out.

In a statement released by the WHO Cameroon country office, the organization reiterated its commitment to continue providing technical and financial support the government until the final interruption of the spread of the COVID-19.

Since the first case of the COVID-19 was recorded in Cameroon on March 6, the WHO has been assisting the government of Cameroon in the response mechanism notably deploying 4.2 tons of medical equipment, human resources as well as other logistics to three regions highly hit by the COVID-19.

Strategically, the WHO said it has provided and will continue to provide continuous support to the Ministry of Public Health and other stakeholders through the advice, guidance, crucial information sharing and participating in meetings of the interministerial committee.

In terms of human resources, the World Health Organisation said it had mobilised 39 experts, including 35 local and four internationals for the response to the pandemic in the three most affected regions; Littoral, Centre and West. The WHO says the experts have trained 2000 health personnel on the prevention and control of infections in hospitals, the care of persons with COVID-19 and risk communication.

In terms of medical equipment needs, the WHO said it had donated 4.2 tons to the government which have been easily distributed while also supporting Cameroon in the development of standards and guidelines for the specific care of women of childbearing age, pregnant women and newborns.  The WHO said 35 rental vehicles have also been made available to the rapid response teams in the Littoral, Centre and West Regions to enable response teams to rapidly reach out to communities.

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