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Why Zambia warns its citizens to avoid Nigeria

The government in Zambia is warning its citizens against travelling to Nigeria, given the perceived state of insecurity in Africa’s most populous nation.A travel advisory issued earlier this week, advises Zambians already in Nigeria should be wary of the marauding activities of kidnappers and terrorists who had orchestrated hostage situations in recent times.

 It singled out Northeastern Nigeria as a hotspot for such activities and warned Zambians to stay clear of the region which has witnessed a further slide into insecurity.

Northeastern Nigeria, which is the birthplace of the insurgent group Boko Haram has seen regular incidents of burning, looting and killings supposedly by insurgents linked to the sect.

Yobe and Borno states have been the hardest hit by the insurgents who have sworn to overturn the vestiges of western education and influence in Nigeria.

Communal clashes over land and water have been rife in the region.

A significant number of Zambians travel to Nigeria, prompting the Home Affairs ministry in Lusaka to issue the travel advisory, calling on its citizens to exercise prudence and caution while in that country.

There has been no report of Zambians being targeted in Nigeria but Ministry spokesperson Nephas Chifuta said those in the West African nation should steer clear of large crowds of a political or religious nature, hotels, marketplaces, and shopping centres among others public places where the risk of suicide bombing and other forms of attacks is high.

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