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Woman Gets Arrested After Swimming Across The Border To Get Married

Love beyond borders

Krishna Mandal swam across Bangladesh to reach India to fly away at a wedding with Abhik Mandal.

It takes place in Bangladesh and India. The story is between two lovers who met on Facebook. But, they are of two different nationalities. The lady, Krishna Mandal is from Bangladesh and the gentleman, Abhik Mandal from India. But as we say very often, love has no border and even less limit. And since it is traditional for a romantic relationship to materialize in marriage, Krishna and Mandal have decided to unite. To do so, it was agreed between the two that Krishna Mandal should join her fiancé in India.
He then posed an ambush. She does not have a valid passport to travel to India legally. She then decided to take the land route. Which made him cross the forest of Sunderbans which is reputed to serve as a habitat for Tigers. Even harder, she crossed the Malta River. His love for Abhik Mandal so strong kept him undeterred. She went there for an hour of swimming. Arriving in a village called Kaikhali, her future husband was already waiting for her. The rest not being on the program, directly took the road for the city of Kolkata to unite within the temple of Kalighat.
This union and all that she knew as an adventure was quickly relayed on social networks. And it did not escape the ears of the security forces. Krishna who crossed the border illegally was arrested last Monday and a few days later, she was handed over to the Bangladesh High Commission in India.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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