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‘Women must take a stand to defend, heal the nation’-Kah Walla

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Cameroonian politician and Human Rights activists. Kah Walla says it is about time women take up thier stand as mothers of the nation to defend and heal the land.

The Human Rights Activist who is also the President of the Cameroon People’s Party, made the remark earlier this month, while leading about 150 women from nine towns and 5 regions in Cameroon in a march against what they term injustices and bad governance for decades.

“As Mothers of this Nation, at this time, we stood up. We stood up and demanded an appointment with President Paul Biya: How do we end this war that you started? How do we organize the new foundation of our country? How do we facilitate a non-violent political transition for Cameroon?”

“For making this demand, 21 of us were arrested. We smiled and laughed as we were carried from one dirty police station to another. We joked and teased with the policemen and women who escorted and questioned us. They too are our children… Except when one or two lacked respect and threatened brutality. Faced with this, we showed strength and fearlessness. Reprimanding and correcting them. After all, we are mothers”.

“After a ridiculous charade, they released us. No accusation, no reason given for the arrest, no apologies either. Highlighting for us the necessity and the importance of what we did earlier in the day. We must take a stand as women. We must say STOP! We must demand that the nation be healed.”

“We are Mothers of this Nation. We are Women. We are Standing Up For Cameroon and we will not sit down again, until we achieve results.”


Published on 28.04.2020

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