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World Bank provides CFA 60b loan for Cameroon roads construction

The World Bank Group (WB) through the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) has pledged a 60 billion CFA loan to Cameroon for road infrastructure, the Department of Public Works told APA.The funds will be used to rehabilitate and build roads in the western, northwestern and western regions.

These include repairing the 35-km-long Babadjou-Bamenda section linking the western and northwestern regions.

“Formerly, we crossed this road in less than 20 minutes. Now, it takes an hour and thirty minutes or even two hours,” a user said.

The loan will also cover development of a 5km bypass of the Bamenda cliff, as well as the urban crossing of this city over a 12 km stretch.

The total 52 kms of roads to be built will cost 40 billion CFA.

The remaining 20 billion will be allocated for the completion of ancillary works, including the construction of a weighing station, a toll station and two rest areas.

A 50 km secondary road, facilitating access to agricultural basins, markets and mini-systems of drinking water are also included in the project.

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