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World family day: UN chief says family is key in achieving SDGs

Marie-Therese Abena Ondoa, Minister of Women Empowerment and the Family

Cameroonians today join the world over to commemorate world family day under the them;”Families and inclusive societies”.

Family day is a day set aside to reflect on the important role the family plays in human and social development. On this day, UN Chief highlights the role of the family as he declares: “By providing economic and emotional sustenance to their members, families can raise productive, caring citizens committed to the common good.” According to him, well-functioning families, whatever form they may take, can help reduce poverty, improve the wellbeing of mothers, pro-mote gender equality and uphold human rights.” In a nut-shell, the family plays an important role in the actualization of most of the sustainable development goals.

Without the families these goals cannot be actualized. To carry the families along is to carry every-one along; and this is what inclusive society is all about. All hands must be on deck.

Published on 05.05.2023

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