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Yaounde’s growing waste overpowering hygiene company

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Many neighbourhoods in Yaounde, capital city of Cameroon, are gradually turning into pollution midpoints with waste dotted everywhere.

It is now common place to find waste in main streets and markets like Bonas, Biyemassi, mokolo amongst others. Public opinion holds Yaounde’s daily waste production appears to be surpassing the collection capacity of the Cameroon Hygiene and Sanitation Company, HYSACAM.

With little or no space for pedestrians to commute and some homes becoming saturated with dirt, pundits say something urgent needs to be done to aid the company which at the moment is struggling to manage the city’s 1,300 tons of garbage.

HYSACAM officials have however argued that people need to be social responsible.

“Most person throw garbage on the floor even when the bins are empty while others abandon garbage in front of doors or on the street for days”.

They agreed to having difficulties with managing the waste of the growing population. The company officials say limited workers and heavy traffic always inhibit work. The company called for an increase in waste transfer centres and waste treatment centres. “Currently, we have only one waste treatment centre at Nkolfoulou. Trucks travel back and forth, while the time spent on the road due to intense traffic is time that could be used judiciously if traffic flowed smoothly”,  Fernand Joël Olomo Ndo, the communication manager of Hysacam told Cameroon tribune.

The Communication boss said the company is trying to manage the situation by intensifying collection process at night and increasing the frequency of garbage collection.

He revealed that Hysacam has ordered 200 new trucks expected to be deployed soon to improve the living conditions of the population.

Published on 05.05.2023

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