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Youths recommend concerted efforts to tackle Cameroon’s security challenges

A group of youths have called on the community to close ranks together in order to assist in the fight against insecurity In the country.

Meeting in Douala today during an event organised by the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation to encourage community engagement for peace building, youths drawn from across the country examined the various security challenges faced by the country and how they can be solved.

Despite concerted efforts to fight the Boko Haram insurgency in the Far North region, attacks from the terrorist group in recent months have killed at least twenty persons, injured several others and left many homeless, creating panic in the region.

While praising efforts made so far in fighting Boko Haram and insecurity in that part of the country, participants proposed more vigilante groups and should be creatd and equipped while local councils should be actively integrated in any defence mechanism in the region.

The influx of refugees from the Central African Republic into the East region has posed a big security threat in the past years with insurgents infiltrating the refugee communities to cause havoc.

To curb this, participants proposed, a thorough screening of refugees entering into the country from the East region while also calling on host communities to create a conduicive atmosphere and always be ready to welcome the refugees.

Making these communities and refugees autonomous will help build sustainable peace, participants said. They also called on communities to learn to live with one another irrespective of their differences and this can only be done through dialogue and understanding.

Inclusive dialogue, which has become music to the ears in Cameroon today, was rechoed at the event as the way out of the crisis in the North West And South West regions of Cameroon.

Participants were re-echoing calls for dialogue the same day the Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji was in Douala to receive humanitarian aid destined for the North West and South West regions from the Chinese Ambassador to Cameroon.

The Minister used the opportunity to call on all stakeholders to assist the government in restoring peace and stability in the troubled regions.

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