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Zimbabwe anti-graft body opens tax evasion probe against Minister – Report

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The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has opened tax evasion investigations into Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Jonathan Moyo and his deputy Godfrey Gandawa, state media reported Sunday.The Sunday Mail said ZACC were perusing documents obtained from the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (ZIMDEF) with a view to possibly raising more charges against the two who are already facing allegations of defrauding the fund of more than US$430,000 in 2016.

Quoting unnamed ZACC sources, the paper said the anti-graft body engaged the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority on Friday to verify if taxes were paid when Moyo and Gandawa allegedly imported equipment from South Africa, and bought bicycles, using ZIMDEF money.

The bicycles were reportedly donated to traditional leaders in Tsholotsho North as part of Moyo’s political activities there as a member of the National Assembly.

Gandawa’s company – Fuzzy Technologies – was allegedly used as a conduit to move over US$430,000 from ZIMDEF, with some of the money being used for expenditure unrelated to the public office’s functions.

According to The Sunday Mail, ZACC is also investigating allegations that Prof Moyo improperly received a US$33,000 loan from ZIMDEF.

Moyo and Gandawa were arrested by ZACC in November 2016 over the ZIMDEF issue but the former filed a Constitutional Court application challenging the anti-graft body’s arresting powers. He wanted his arrest declared unlawful.

He is also seeking nullification of search and seizure warrants used by investigators to search ZIMDEF premises.

The Constitutional Court reserved judgment in the matter last month.

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