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Zimbabwe health minister arrested over COVID-19 scandal

Zimbabwe’s Health Minister Obadiah Moyo on Saturday appeared in court on allegations he corruptly awarded a contract to supply coronavirus supplies to a shadowy company.Moyo was arrested on Friday for allegedly prejudicing the state of millions of dollars after the company awarded the contract inflated prices for supplies ordered under the government’s coronavirus response programme.   

The contract to the shadowy Drax International involved the supply of personal protective equipment, testing kits and drugs.

The scandal sucked in President Emmerson Mnangagwa, one of whose sons was allegedly linked to the controversial company.

Eyebrows were raised after Mnangagwa, his wife and sons were pictured on several occasions with a representatives of the company.

The president and his family have however dissociated themselves from the firm, leading to the arrest of Moyo who is alleged to have instructed the state-run pharmaceutical company  to award the contract to Drax International.

The minister was granted Z$50 000 (about US$138) bail.

Published on 28.04.2020

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