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Zimbabwe’s President donates $1m for AU Foundation

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President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe on Monday announced a $1million donation for the African Union (AU) Foundation.In his remark at the 29th AU Summit in Addis Ababa, Mugabe said he had sold 300 of his cattle to raise the $1million.

The African Union Foundation was launched in January 2015 and is tasked with accommodating contributions from the private sector and individuals, and any other donations, towards the financing of African development priorities.

The Foundation aims to secure funding for underfunded pan-African priority programmes and to promote financing for areas where few continental initiatives exist.

The African Union Foundation’s focus is to raise funds within Africa, the diaspora and globally and connect people, ideas and resources for Africa’s development.

The African Union’s (AUC) 2018 draft budget amounted to $ 766.4 million, a decrease of 7 per cent over the financial year 2017, according to the report revealed on Friday by of the Subcommittee on PRC on the overall supervision and coordination of administrative, budgetary and financial affairs.

In detail, out of a total of $ 766,376,968, the budget for the programs takes the lion’s share with $ 307,804,845, followed by the budget for peace support operations with $ 268,083,200, and the budget for operating costs with 190,488,923, the report said.

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